Metalcraft Engineering Company Ltd

Meet the team 

Bryn Thompson



Finance & Administration 
    Warwick Styles 

Operations Manager
Bryn & Samantha have owned Metalcraft Engineering since 1991. Combining his background of fitter/welder B trade skills with his natural ability for problem solving and networking Bryn has seen the success of Metalcraft Engineering. Bryn's personal life is family, cars and underwater hockey.   With Bryn, Samantha has grown the company from a sole trader to a company with over 22 design, management and fabrication staff. Samantha manages all administration and financial systems for Metalcraft Engineering. Outside of work Samantha is family and fitness focused. She often found running up and down the Port hills. 
  Warwick is a shareholder at Metalcraft Engineering. His role is to oversee the operational side of the company. He has skills in CAD Design, product development and takes a hands on leadership approach. He is an avid mountain biker and loves a bit of colour in his spreadsheets.

Aaron Greig

Preproduction & Contract Manager

James McGregor

Design & Preproduction 

Aaron has been with Metalcraft Engineering since the early days and has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. His role is a pre-production contract management and attributes his success to accurate project costing, schedule planning and clear communication. Aaron has more hobbies than you can launch an RPG at. He does battle reenacting, modelling, collects historic fire arms and war memorabilia as well as a ton of other stuff.   James comes from a tool making & CAD design background. He does Metalcraft Engineering's CAD drawings and pre-production. James has an eye for minor details and loves to get things perfect. James is a mountain biker and when not at work can often be found on the hills around Christchurch.     


Chris Browne
Scott Gibbons
Tony Bretherton

Workshop Leadership Team
The Workshop leadership team are fabrication based staff that lead our fabrication teams from the floor. These senior staff have a diverse set of skills that complement each other. They are the key to jobs and work flow being accurate and efficient.