Flat Glass Factory Handling Trolleys and Glass carts

Safely speed up your factory glass handling.

With glass being both fragile and heavy, choosing the right handling solution is important. When you need to move, lift or protect glass within your factory, The Glass Racking Company has the right solution.

Let us take care of your flat glass handling solutions so you are able to focus on increasing productivity. Click here to request and price for your factory handling trolleys or carts.

To read more information on our Factory Glass trolleys and Carts, please click here to view information sheets.

We offer a full CAD design service for your non-standardized glass factory handling requirements








 42"x 35"A-Frame Glass Trolley

 Raised 42"x 35"Glass trolley

 79"x 48"A-Frame Trolley

 79"x 75"A-Frame Trolley

 158"x 98"L-Frame Glass Trolley











 79"long Full Glass Transport A-Frame
with Secure Strap retaining poles
and Bed locking system.

 50 Slot Harp Trolley with 3/8"
machined grooves and
plastic coated separating bars

 40 Slot IGU Tooth
Trolley 48" long

 11 Arm Screen printing
Glass Trolley
43" Collapsible Onsite Glass
handling trolley with two
safety glass retaining arms

All of our A-Frame Glass Trolleys come with our sliding safety arms. These arms are easy to use and not only save costly breakages but also reduce work related injures.