Flat Glass Factory Lifting Equipment

The Glass Racking Company has a complete range of Flat glass factory lifting equipment to help you safely and efficiently lift and move your stoche pack glass around your factory.

We can design and manufacture complete factory light crane systems that suit your requirements. All of our light crane systems are designed with our 3D cad drawing program.
We only use quality Helm tracks and running gear to reduce the strain on your operators body

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 Glass Lifting Light rail system

 Light Crane System, shown here with double cross bridges,
These Rail systems are designed and manufactured to
suit your factory needs, Cranes can be designed from 500 pounds to 2000 pounds

The Glass Racking Company also manufacture quality Flat Glass Stoche Pack lifting frames. These Pack Lifters enable you to lift and move pack stoche glass from your trucks or containers with ease and safety. 

We manufacture many sizes of Packlifters, so please ask if you need a special size lifter.

Flat Glass Packlifter

Glass Pack lifter 

Coated Upper sliding
pack retainer

Flat Glass Pack lifter

Central Coated pack
position locator

 Glass Pack lifter

11" Coated Load foot and
pack position locator

 Glass 6000 Pound A-Frame Stoche Pack lifter

Watch the video to see how a Glass Racking Company  stoche glass pack lifter can speed up your loading and unloading procedure.


The Glass racking Company also manufactures an adjustable range of Stoche Glass Packlifters, this have many more safety features and can be designed and supplied to Glass company on request.

 Export Low Glass Packlifter

Export large Packlifter 

 Low height 144" x 96" Stoche Glass Packlifter

 Tall 204" x 126" Jumbo Stoche Glass Packlifter